What is Biofield tuning?

Tuning the body to its natural energetic resonance.

The term ‘Biofield‘ was first defined in 1992 by the U.S National Institute for Health as a “massless field, not necessarily electromagnetic, that surrounds, permeates and affects living bodies”. 

Working within this field of energy and the human biofield, Eileen Day McKusick, developed a therapy she calls Biofield Tuning which uses tuning forks of different frequencies to tap into the human biofield and resonate dissonant energetic frequencies.

Collecting over 20 years of observations, she compiled a ‘Biofield Anatomy Map‘ differentiating specific emotions and their associated frequency signatures. These frequency signatures were reflected as different pulsations, or qualities of vibration in an activated tuning fork:  the frequency signature of ‘fear’  for example, differing to that of ‘anger’, ‘grief’ or ‘guilt’. 

Over time, and using the Biofield Tuning techniques she developed, Eileen began to realise that the tuning forks were not only able to pick up this tonal ‘dissonance’ in an individual’s biofield, but reflect it back allowing the body to ‘hear’ its  dissonant tone and  ‘tune’ it back to its original harmonic frequency.

Using this technique, Eileen found that she could alleviate and in some cases even eradicate the corresponding physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms.

In a similar way to a mechanic tuning a car that is no longer running ‘smoothly’ or a musician tuning a musical instrument, striking a tuning fork in or around the human biofield allows the body to hear itself, harmonise and release any areas of ‘noise’ or ‘resistance’ and in so doing, restore the body’s natural state of well-being.

Eileen McKusick describes how Biofield Tuning works.

Biofield Tuning founder, Eileen McKusick.

The Biofield Anatomy Map not only locates the areas where specific universal patterns of emotions are stored, but also presents this information in a chronological timeline moving from birth to current age, in a map not dissimilar to the rings of a tree: birth located on the outer edge of the biofield and your current age located in the field closest to the body. 

Physical and emotional stresses and traumas encountered throughout our lives are stored within these chronological rings of our energetic biofield.  And the way in which these accumulated events are stored, is as  energetic blockages. An area of energetic disturbance in the biofield is able to be detected with the use of sound and a tuning fork.  Each tuning fork is tuned to a specific harmonic frequency and when played in the biofield of an individual, will resonate at the frequency of the energy contained in that area of the biofield. In the event of an energetic disturbance in the biofield, a dissonant tone will be produced often accompanied by an altered pattern of vibration in the tuning fork, which is heard by the practitioner and the individual.  Repeated striking of the tuning fork by the practitioner, allows the individual to hear the tone the tuning fork is emitting and adjust this dissonant tone to one more closely resembling their own body’s original state of energetic balance. 

Biofield tuning is a gentle, non-invasive sound therapy that allows emotional or physical stresses or traumas, held in an individual’s energetic field, to be cleared or harmonised gently so that the body is able to regain health, peace, balance and a renewed sense of joy.



Non weighted tuning forks are tuned to specific frequencies that, when struck, play the tone associated with that frequency.  These are the tuning forks that are mostly used in and around the biofield in a Biofield treatment.  Non weighted tuning forks also have the ability to produce harmonic intervals (multiple pitches simultaneously) when struck together and are used for clearing and  balancing the body.


Weighted tuning forks are also tuned to specific frequencies but don’t produce harmonic intervals as easily. The vibration they produce is much stronger: making them easier to feel but harder to hear.  They are  particularly useful when the handle of the tuning fork is applied directly on the body, allowing the direct transfer of vibrational frequency to a particular location.  Weighted tuning forks vibrate at their exact frequency for longer, and have been shown to produce localised pain relief and general muscle relaxation.